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Perspective plans toward accomplishing the vision and mission of Nagar College:

  • Taking up need based proposals so that the students get Government’s financial assistance.
  • Facilitating exchange programmes for faculty by signing MoUs for collaboration with neighbouring colleges.
  • Upgrading digital resource facilities, particularly related to the admission process.
  • Upgrading classrooms with Projectors and transforming a few into ICT classrooms.
  • Upgrading the Geography Lab, Computer Lab and Mathematics Lab with new equipments.
  • Completion of the four-storied building and facilitating the use of new laboratories and seminar halls for advanced teaching and learning process.
  • Setting up a digital library.
  • Strengthening relationships with important stakeholders for placement opportunities and career counselling and guidance.
  • Spreading awareness about health, hygiene and ecology among all stakeholders by arranging various programs.
  • Re-inventing practices and setting up facilities for a sustainable environment.
  • Installing gym facilities in the sports room.
  • Sanctioning plan for the construction of girls’ hostel in the college premises is in progress.

 In addition to their teaching responsibilities, the teachers of Nagar College participate in governance and management of the college following the Government rules and the University of  Kalyani Statute:

  • As teacher representatives in the Governing Body and also as members of different committees framed by the Govorning Body, viz Finance Committee, Purchase Committee, Library Committee, Planning Committee and NSS Advisory Committee.
  • As the bursar and coordinators in various academic bodies.
  • As teacher representatives in different fields prescribed by the Higher Education Department.
  • As conveners and members of several committees of the Teacher’s council.


The vision statement of Nagar College is “Disseminate the Light of Higher Education and Transform the Life of the Economically Challenged Community”. Nagar College is committed to transform its vision into reality in its governance, policies and perspective plans.

The management and governance of Nagar College, based on participation of the teachers in the decision-making bodies of the college, establishes an environment in tune with the vision and the mission of the college. The college motto “এ অভাগা দেশে জ্ঞানের আলোক আনো” – “A Abhaga Deshe Gyaner Aalok Aano”  (Bring the light of  knowledge in this unfortunate land) is the guiding principle in perspective plans and actions towards attaining the following mission:

  • To spread the light of higher education among the students of the socio-economically backward rural community.
  • To impart sustainable quality education.
  • To inculcate ethical and democratic consciousness among the students so that they become responsible citizens.
  • To engage the students in different cultural activities, games and sports and community extension activities.
  • To emphasize on environment friendly practices on college campus and its surrounding area for a harmonious relationship between humankind and nature.