The Department of Economics is comprised of one Assistant Professor and one Invitee Teacher.

Year of Introduction:

·         Honours- 2015

·         General- 1998

First Batch of Graduate-

·         Honours- 2018

·         General- 2001

The Department of Economics has an Assistant Professor and an invitee teacher to serve the students’ needs. The lectures are intersected with multifarious methodological procedures. The faculties strive to help the students to build up acumen to proceed in further studies of Applied Economics, Foreign Trade, Quantitative Economics, Labour Economics etc in different reputed universities. Students acquire prospects to be joined in Management, Finance, Banking and Insurance Sector. College library is well stocked with useful books and additional books, journals are also accessible in the library for the students with further academic penchant.

Departmental Activities:

·         2017-18-   UGC sponsored Minor Research Project on “Determinants of Health Service Seeking Behaviour of College Students in Rural India – A Case Study of Murshidabad District of West Bengal” dated 20/03/2017

·         2020-21 –

1.      One Day State Level webinar on Data Analysis using Jamovi Software dated 12/08/2020

2.      One Day National Level webinar on “Effect of Covid -19 on Unorganized Sector and Higher Education” dated 16/09/2020