The Department of English is comprised of two Assistant Professors and four State Aided College Teachers (SACT)

Year of Introduction:

·         Honours- 2007

·         General- 1998

First Batch of Graduate:

·         Honours- 2010

·         General- 2001

Nagar College offered the English Honours Course was introduced for the first time in the academic session of ----, under the aegis of The University of Kalyani. The Department is consisted of by two Assistant Professors and four SACTs. The prime focus of the department is to infuse aesthetic agility, literary awareness and creativity apart from instructing the texts. Multifarious academic ventures like seminars, special lectures, courses are incorporated at regular intervals to expand the scholastic tenor of the students. Students are encouraged to contribute to college magazine, wall magazines. The library of the college is well stocked with the reference and much-acclaimed critical books and journal regarding English literature, from where the students can benefit themselves. Faculties interact with the parents for monitoring the students effectively as and when necessary. Students are provided with variegated worksheets, materials to stir up their acumen. Remedial classes are arranged by the Department for the weaker students. Tutorials, mock tests, group discussions and doubt-clearing sessions are conducted as part of the overall student assessment process which enhances their ability to cope with the course curriculum. Students are buoyed up to take part in all the co-curricular activities in the college, which they do most zealously indeed to the best of their capacities.

Departmental Activities:

·         2015-16  -

1.      Special Lecture on “Renaissance Tragedy” 16 December, 2015

2.      Quiz Competition on Shakespeare and Rabindranath, 16 Dec, 2015

·         2016-17-  2 Day Workshop on Communicative English (21 and 22 March, 2017)

·         2019-20- One Day State Level Seminar on “Understanding Tagore: Philosophical and Literary Perspectives”, 2nd December, 2019.

·         2020-21 –

1.      Two Day Webinar on “Trauma of Pandemic and Cultural Discourse”  (21 and 22 August, 2020)

2.      One month long Certificate Course in Communicative English w.ef. 01.07.2021 to 31.07.2021.

 Faculty Details:

Anwar Hossain Assistant Professor
Sreeja Konar Assistant Professor
Md. Nasiruddin Firoj State Aided College Teacher
Ashik Ahamed State Aided College Teacher
Payel Persina State Aided College Teacher
Prabhat Konai State Aided College Teacher