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A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Keeping this truth in mind, a sophisticated Commercial 10 (4+6) Station Heavy Duty Multi Gym (Indian) has been set up in Nagar College, and the students can avail themselves of its modern facilities with different types of equipment like Smith Machine with Bench, Butterfly (Indian) Heavy Duty, Manual Roller Treadmill/ Jogger (Heavy Duty), Olympic Weight Bench, Ladder Sit Up Bench, Standing Twister, Push Up Bar, Weight Rod (1pc – 5)+ (1pc-3)+ (1 pc- zigzag 4), Iron Plate (Barbell), Barbell Rod (1), Weight Belt, Fitness Ball 85cm (Big), Weight Machine (Standard)etc.. It is made available to Teachers as well as to non-teaching staff for improving their overall health.