This is for information of all concerned that the link to the portal for examination form fill up of U.G. 5 Semester Honours and Programme Courses Examinations, 2022 is mentioned below. This portal for submission of examination form will be Re-opened on 22.12.2022 (10.00 a.m. onwards) and will be closed on 30.12.2022 (5 p.m. onwards). The candidates may collect their ADMIT CARD from the college on and from 06.01.2023. This extension of chance for form fill up is ultimate and final. No such prayer of extension shall be entertained further. The college authorities are earnestly requested to make an arrangement for collecting the examination fees from these candidates as early as possible. All are requested to take note of it and act accordingly. URL For 5 semester candidates





Date Download
ENVS Project Paper Submission 08.05.2023
Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore 06.05.2023
OInline Class for 6th and 4th Semester Students 06.05.203
Holiday on Buddha Purnima & Birthday of Pandit Raghunath Murmu 04.05.2023
Class Suspension from 02.05.2023 to 16.05.2023 29.04.2023
International Workers Day  28.04.2023
College will remain closed on 24th April and 25th April 2023, on account of Eid-Ul-Fitr 21.04.2023

In connection with no 356-Edn(U)...dated 16.04.2023 College will remain closed with effect from 17th April 2023 for a week

Ambedkar Jayanti 2023 & Bengali New Year 12.04.2023
Seminar on Cyber Crime and its Strategic Avoidance, Solution 08.04.2023
Computer Literacy Program 06.04.2023
Notice Students Meeting  05.04.2023
Shab-e-Qadr holiday abrogated 05.04.2023
Holiday on Good Friday 05.04.2023
Student Attendance 31.03.2023
Holiday on account of Mahavir Jayanti  31.03.2023
1st Semester Form Fillup Date Extension  31.03.2023
Regarding NSS Special Camp 17.03.2023
Internal Examination Schedule (Dept. of English) 16.03.2023
1st Semester Bengali Internal Examination  14.03.2023
1st Semester form fillup 10.03.2023
Dol Jatra and Sobebarat 04.03.2023
Expression of Interest to Join Recruitment Drive at TCS 03.03.2023
International Mother Language Day Celebration 20.02.2023
Holiday on account of auspicious Shibratri 16.02.2023
3rd semester form fillup reopen 13.02.2023
Birth anniversary of Thakur Panchanan Barma 11.02.2023
ALMANAC Distribution 1st Semester  11.02.2023
3rd Sem Admit Card distribution 10.02.2023
6th Semester Class commencement 09.02.2023
Notice regarding Bengali Department Class 06.02.2023
3rd Semester Form Fillup Date Extension  01.02.2023
Computer Literacy Practical Class 2022-2023 24.01.2023
Saraswati Puja 24.01.2023
NSS Notice on 23rd and 26th January 21.01.2023
Class Suspension on 02.02.2023 for KU Exam 20.01.2023
Saraswati Puja  20.01.2023
Republic Day  20.01.2023
Birth Anniversery of Naetaji Subhas Chandra Bose 20.01.2023
New order for IQAC & ICC  20.01.2023
Class Notice of Bengali Department  20.01.2023
Department of Bengali 3rd Sem Internal Examination  20.01.2023
1st Semester Registration reopen  19.01.2023
3rd Semester English LCC Internal Examination 17.01.2023
 NSS Notice, Nagar College  16.01.2023  
3rd Semester Bengali Department Notice 14.01.2023
3rd Semester form fillup 2023 14.01.2023
3rd Semester Internal Examination (Bengali) 13.01.2023
Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda 11.01.2023
Department of Bengali Class Routine 2022-2023 10.01.2023
Double disbrushment of scholarship amount 10.01.2023
Sample form for ID card 04.01.2023
Health Check up on 06.01.2023 04.01.2023
Observation of Students' Week 04.01.2023
Holiday 05.01.2023 04.01.2023
Computer Literacy 2022-2023 18.12.2022
1st Semester Students Application ID 13.12.2022
1st Semester Registration check 10/12/2022
Notice on Birth Day of Birsa Munda 14.11.2022
NSS Notice 29.10.2022
Puja vacation 2022 29.09.2022
1st Semester Form Fillup Admission 22.09.2022
Unveiling the statue of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar on the occation of his birth anniversary on 26th September 2022 22.09.2022
Online admission documents verification (Programme Course)  15.09.2022
Online admission documents verification (Honours Course) 15.09.2022
Proposed Examination - 2022 15.09.2022
4th Semester Marksheet distribution 13.09.2022
1st Semester Admission reopen 10.09.2022
1st Semester Programm Course admission re-open 07.09.2022
Computer Literacy Final Examination 01.09.2022
5th Semester I Card distribution 13.08.2022
 5th Semester Admission  1308.2022  
 75 years of independence celebration  13.08.2022  
2nd Semester warning notification  20.07.2022
NSS Certificate distribution 14.07.2022
Notice Regarding Eid al-Adha 08.07.2022
Notice Regarding Women Health and Hygiene 05.07.2022
Computer Litercy Class Schedule 11.06.2022
1st Semester Marksheet and Registration certificate distribution 28.05.2022
Offline Class 20.05.2022
Computer Literacy 28.04.2022
Shab-e-qadr Holiday
Computer Literacy form printing related issue 21.04.2022
Computer Literacy for 4th and 6th Semester 13.04.2022
Computer Literacy Notice 13.04.2022
Nagar College cultural competition 2022 30.03.2022
NSS Camp day 6 19.03.2022
NSS Camp 12.03.2022
NSS Special Camp 09/03/2022
Sports Suspension Notice 26/02/2022
Holiday Notice 26/02/2022
Notice regarding 6th Semester admission and 1st Semester form fillup 25.02.2022
International Language Day 20.02.2022
College will remian close on 14.02.2022 11.02.2022
Offline Class W.E.F. 03.02.2022 01/02/2022
1st Semester NSS Volunteer 27/01/2022
5th Semester Form fillup 09/12/2021
Notice regarding waqf scholarship form verification 2021-2022 25/11/2021
1st Semester Documents Verification for Programme Course students 23/11/2021
3rd and 5th Semester Admission 2021 20/11/2021
1st Semester Student Document verification 20/11/2021
College will be closed on 17/11/2021 for the occasion of  Fateha-e-Yazdaham 16/11/2021
Offline Class W.E.F. 16/11/2021 14/11/2021
1st Semester Computer Literacy 31/10/2021
Puja Vacation 11/10/2021
1st Semester Notice 09/10/2021
Computer Literacy Class 03/10/2021
Vaccination Camp for Students 30/09/2021
1st Semester Semester Students meet 28/09/2021
2nd Semester Form fill-up 18/09/2021
Computer Literacy Notice 05/09/2021
3rd Semester, 3rd Year (old), 6th Semester Marksheet distribution 05/09/2021
1st Semester 1st Phase E-Admission - 2021-2022 04/09/2021
NSS Certificate 31/08/2021
4th Semester Form fill-up 22/08/2021
1st Sem. Supplementary Student 6th Semester Examination 08/08/2021
Part III Examination Programme 05/08/2021
Sample Format of Answer Scripts for Part III Examination 05/08/2021
Guidelines and instructions for Part III Examination 05/08/2021
3rd Year Admit Card distribution 04/08/2021
Seat Capacity for 1st Semester Admission 31/07/2021
1st Semester Admission Fees Structure 31/07/2021
1st Semester Online Admission - 2021-2022 31/07/2021
6th Semester Form fill-up  26/07/2021
Regarding 4th Semester & 6th Semester Admission  15/07/2021
Holiday notice for Eid-ul-Adha  19/07/2021
Alumni Association  24/06/2021
Regarding 1st Semester Examination  13/06/2021
Email details for sending Answer Scripts  13/06/2021

Examination rules and regulations for 1st semester students

Email details for sending Answer Scripts 13/06/2021
Examination rules and regulations for 1st semester students 11/06/2021
Registration Notice 2 27/05/2021
Registration Notice 27/05/2021
Eid-ul-Fitar 21/05/2021
Durga Puja 21/05/2021