Individuals who are selected or elected to sit on the governing body have responsibilities, but they also have ‘rights’ associated with their roles.
 They have the right to:
•    Participate entirely and equally in meetings of the governing body.
•    Raise issues and adduce proposition to pass decisions.
•    Arrive at concurrent decisions on issues.
•    Advocate the rights and interests of those who selected or elected them.

Governing Roles and Roles:

•    Lead
•    Plan
•    Organize
•    Control

Liabilities of Governing Body:

•    All members can create, advocate and negotiate initiatives and visions.
•    Set all-inclusive future strategies, purposes, goals.
•    Evolve governance arrangements and create liaison among stakeholders.
•    Make certain the institution is financially stable to hold up the performance of the respective bodies and can keep track of comprehensive consequences.

As per 2017 Education Bill the Governing Body of Nagar College is constituted of:
•    President, nominated by Higher Education Department.
•    2 Government nominees, elected by Higher Education Department.
•    1 nominee selected by WBSCHE
•    3 Teachers Nominated members are elected by all Whole Time teachers.
•    2 University of Kalyani nominated members.
•    1 Non-Teaching Staff Nominated Member is elected by all non-teaching staffs.
•    1 Student Representative.
•    1 Donor member.
•    Ex- Officio Member/ Secretary.


Governing Body (5th term)

Sl. No Name and represented constituency Address Image

Asish Marjit



Khargram Legislative Assembly


Basob Ghosh

WBSCHE Nominated Member


Murshidabad Adarsha Mahavidyalaya

Islampur, Murshidabad


 Md Mustakim

Govt. Nominated Member

Assistant Teacher

Jotseha Primary School


 Dr. Soma Mukherjee

University of Kalyani Nominated Member


Panchthupi Haripada Gouribala College

Panchthupi, Murshdiabad


Obaidur Rahaman

University of Kalyani Nominated Member

Vill & Po- Nagar

Dist- Murshidabad


 Syed Rajiul Mehebub

Donor Member

 Assistant Teacher, Purandapur High School

Kandi, Murshidabad


 Dr. Sudipta Sau

Nagar College Teachers Nominated Member

 Assistant Professor

Nagar College

Nagar, Murshidabad


 Dr. Manik Biswas

Nagar College Teachers Nominated Member

 Assistant Professor

Nagar College

Nagar, Murshidabad

 Md. Maidul Hossain

Nagar College Non-Teaching Staff Nominated Member

 Head Clerk

Nagar College

Nagar, Murshidabad
 11  Student Representative    

 Sri Soumen Chakraborty

Ex-Officio Member / Secretary


Nagar College

Nagar, Murshidabad